How to become a crypto millionaire in 2021

Alex V
4 min readMay 3, 2021


Hey, guys! I collected some current moneymaking methods in the crypto world here. Hope you’ll like them and earn a new Lambo after reading!

Disclaimer: this article is not a piece of trading advice, only my ideas about crypto. Don’t risk money you can’t afford to lose.

1. Regular trading on the exchange

The standard way to make money on cryptocurrencies. The crypto market is volatile (the price changes really fast), so this is a good reason to make money on the rate difference. Consider the volume (if it grows, then there will be a movement soon), and do not forget the words of good old Warren Buffett “Buy when everyone else is selling and sell when everyone else is buying.” This strategy works great now. I advise you to take a couple of training courses in fundamental and technical analysis. Try not to be greedy, 20–30% profit is not bad.

2. IDO

Modern ICOs on DEX, Initial DEX Offering.

For example, a new project appears. It offers you to buy a certain number of coins before the exchange listing. As an investor, you can get an allocation, buy coins, and sell them after listing on the exchange. I won’t tell a lot here, just know that almost all IDO on Dao.Maker platform were profitable, they gave from 2x to 200–300x profit. This means that if you bought A2DAO tokens on IDO at $0.1, you would sell them with 100–200x profit after listing on the exchange. The token is currently trading at $6.29.

3. Cryptocurrency staking

Staking is a way of passive earnings, in which users store coins on the Proof of Stake (PoS) algorithm and ensure that the blockchain works.

It allows them to make a profit. Staking completely replaces mining and makes it possible to extract new blocks without using large computing power. The point of staking is to ensure all operations on the blockchain and support the network. For this, holders of digital coins receive a reward. The more tokens a holder has, the more likely he is to become the creator of a new block.

Briefly, you just hold the coin and get from 20 to 400% per annum. Does it sound good? Nowadays, good staking sites are Compound and Aave, I advise you to explore them.

4. Memes and airdrops

Suitable for those who have a small deposit, but have a lot of free time. When new coins appear, their owners need more people to know about these coins. Respectively, they offer the community a fee for various actions aimed at advertising their projects; for example, activity on telegram/twitter, creating memes on the topic of their project, etc. You can earn $10–500 per project. You can find many similar tasks on bitcoin talk.

5. NFT

NFT is a non-fungible token, not a fungible or unique token. Any cryptocurrency is a token, only, for example, in the case of bitcoin, it is a fungible currency — one bitcoin can be replaced with another, an equivalent one. It’s like one $100 bill can be replaced with another. Non-fungible tokens are unique. You can tokenize a ticket for an event; for example, indicating the date, time, and place, or a plane ticket with personal data. There will be no second such token and it will become non-fungible. Such tokens are created on the blockchain in a limited number. An interesting example of NFT is CryptoKitties or Cryptokitties. Each kitten has a unique genome. Owners can collect and breed kittens, breeding new breeds with, again, a unique set of genomes. This is the brainchild of Dapper Labs, a mega-popular virtual game around the world.

The NBA is the national basketball association that is very popular in the States.

Top players are considered gods. So Dapper Labs decided to sell the brightest moments with the most beloved players. These are cards with spectacular moments, divided into series, issued in limited quantities. There will never be a repetition of the series and cards. There have already been several such seasons with card sales. The first cards cost $1 each, now the price of some can go up to $250k. They continue to sell on the site You can also create your own NFTs.

The bottom line is NFTs are unique digital assets, rare artifacts. It is already possible to imagine collectors of the future, who will showcase their luxurious collections of tokens.

And this future is closer than it seems. The original NFT painting is already available for purchase today. Digital artist Beeple, or Mike Winkelmann, sells his creations this way. Trump’s mutating NFT went for $66,666.6. A new collection is available, the price for lots starts at $969. By purchasing a canvas, you receive a digital frame enclosed in plastic with a holographic QR code that gives the name of the owner. Virtual reality is developing by leaps and bounds and allows us to create money literally out of thin air, investing in moments and events. The main thing is not to get confusing and learn to maneuver in this stream.

6. Arbitrage

Earnings in the difference in cryptocurrency rates on different exchanges. You buy a coin on one exchange, transfer it to another and sell it there for a higher price. Example:


Spread%: -9.72

Uni: 606,799

Sushi: 623.3449

Zerion: 665.79

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There are other ways of earning money — games, content, bitcoin faucets, shitcoins… New options are constantly appearing. I would advise you not to chase everything. Upgrade yourself in a couple of options and earn money.

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