Search and analysis of low cap coins

Alex V
2 min readMay 13, 2021


Article was written by 100xHunters —, community that know how to search, analyze and earn on low cap coins market.

Disclaimer: it’s just our strategy. Not financial advice. Trade on your own risk.

In this article i want to tell about some sources we use to find gem coins. Also i will tell about analysis process.

So, what sources i can highlight?

1. Reddit

Search last posts on subreddits like CryptoMoonshots and BSCMoonShots

2. Telegram channels

Search with keywords like «BSC gems», «New BSC»…

3. Twitter

Keywords like «fair launch», «bsc»…


Look at coins that were launched today (or 1–2 days) with big market cap >100k$. Don’t forget to check address on to reveal scam (no token burn, big % of tokens on 1 wallet…).

5. Coingecko

Another service to find lastest coins. It has filters by time, market cap, etc…

6. Youtube

There are lots of channels with crypto already. Search one of latest gems to find channels that review such coins.

7. Forums

Bitcointalk, Blackhatworld and lots of others. Topics about coins with small cap.

How to analyze tokens?

1. Bscscan

- check availability of token burning

- big amount of tokens shouldn’t be in one hands

- check contract verification

- compare amount of token holders and number of people in chats (if amount of tokens is much bigger, it may be rug pill)

2. Community

- check telegram groups and discord channels (more users — more trust); check messages from admins (if it’s just shilling without any benefit — it’s bad; if they can’t answer questions regarding roadmap or fundamental — it’s bad; they must prove their token is long-term gem)

- check comments on their subreddit or on coinhunt

- check availability of any community bonuses (airdrops and so on, it’s good if there are such eventes)

- ask for token use cases

- ask token owners about marketing (how will they promote token, will they buy influencer advertising, etc…)

3. Website

- design is very important (with high quality website token owners prove they’re in long term), example of good design —, example of bad —

- roadmap (check that token will have updates in future)

- read the whitepaper (tokenomics, audit availability, how they work with devs, wallets, long term goals, etc…)

4. Charts

Usually i don’t trade tokens with small trading volume (should be at least 500k) and low liquidity (at least 100k). Also check pool activity (how many tokens were bought from the beginning and how they are traded). Also check trading history and availability of whales.

Also read article about rug pulls. There are also some useful things about analysis.

It’s just a small part of token analysis process. In fact, is’s more detailed. Subscribe to our medium and telegram channel to get new info in time. Thank you for attention!