Shiba inu token review

Alex V
May 11, 2021


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Shiba inu token

Contract address: 0x4a824ee819955a7d769e03fe36f9e0c3bd3aa60b



Coinhunt: no

Tokensniffer: 3/4 (without second check mark) —

Telegram channel: 105000

Volume: >12mln$

Liquidity: >12mln$

Twitter: 250000 followers

Discord: 32300

Whitepaper: no

Roadmap: no

Website: 10/10

Exchanges: 32 already and Binance in plans

Decentralized Meme Tokens that grew into a vibrant ecosystem ShibaSwap. Fun tokens. Artist incubator. Growing 300k+ Community & more on the horizon!

My rating:

Marketing 10/10

Security 10/10

Community 10/10

Product 7/10